Wild Expeditions Uganda is a local based tour company specializing in safaris in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. We are a fully registered company under the constitutional Act of Uganda and affiliated to a number of tour organizations in Uganda. Our tours are tailored to suite the needs of our clients, provide active safaris that give you little time to rest but an experience that is unforgettable, while enjoying the diversity of this region with its beauty and hospitable people.

We offer our clients comprehensive information about our culture, historical insight about places and the people themselves. When you book with Wild Expeditions Uganda, you are buying much more than just a safari and accommodation, You are buying a total safari adventure and a peace of mind which is an added ingredient of every holiday with Wild Expeditions Uganda.

With a maximum number of 15 visitors on a tour, hosted by ourselves, we have the time to share with you our knowledge of the bush and personally attend to your individual needs.

Daily routes and routines are changed to fit the needs and requests of the group and to provide a relaxing way of seeing the game and learning about the birds, flora and fauna. We are able to cater for special interests, for example, bird watching, photography, etc. We are featured on safari Bookings as well.