Behind the scene is one of the excursions around Entebbe that you can do and this will take most part of your day. By behind the scene we mean that you become a care giver for a day here you participate in feeding animals in the morning starting at 7:30 am till 1:30pm. This is very exciting as you get to kiss the giraffes and also be able to feed the cubs as well. This will also give you an opportunity to learn how animals behave in the zoo while feeding and a lot is learnt since the care givers you are working with have a lot of information about these animals. After all this you will enjoy a boat ride on the Lake Victoria to kill off the fatigue and back to the hotel.

Birding around Entebbe will lead you to some of the most exciting sites in and around Entebbe with great numbers of birds and these will include, the Entebbe botanical gardens, kabaka’s chair, the reptile village, around the UN area and if time allows zika forest. Here you can carry your packed lunch so that you can be able to do birding all day without any disturbances and return to hotel later in the evening.


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