The Equator and crocodile farm visit! Journey with us to the Equator . Be prepared to get amazed as the 2 hour drive to the Equator will enable you see the typical African way of living ranging from petty trade on the road side to small scale farming and drum making, at the spectacular scenery of a lush green vegetation all the way to the Equator line, flat lands gradually giving way to a cascade of rising hills that never seem to end.

Water experiments done by local guides at the Equator will confirm your doubts as water flows in different directions in both the northern and southern hemispheres but static at the Equator. A cup of coffee at the Equator restaurant and a certificate confirming you explored and crossed the Equator line will be good rewards to your self.

Do you need souvenirs?

There are plenty of craft shops maned by the local communities around the Equator line sell items like shirts emblemed with equator line pictures, art painting, ceramics, wood carvings and many more items that will keep your Equator line experience alive long after your safari.

Are you a fun of alligators?

A visit to the crocodile farm in Katebo-Buwama from the Equator en route Kampala or Entebbe will not only be a good pass time when from the Equator adventure but will offer you a good educational opportunity about these beasts. located right on the shores of Lake victoria, camp crocs is a 20 min drive from the Equator line along a dusty road. With a fresh lake breeze and good views of the lake.

What to expect

Multitudes of crocodiles arranged according to their different age groups

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*Note: arrangements can be made for the Equator line crossing on lake Victoria by boat

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