Jinja is the second largest town in Uganda. It is the second commercial centre in the country after Kampala. Jinja was established in 1907.


Jinja is in the southeastern Uganda, approx 87kms by road from Kampala. The town is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, near the source of River Nile. The nearby Owen falls dam regulates the flow of the White Nile and generates electricity. Jinja is the most metropolitan area and is considered the capital of the Busoga Kingdom.


The Uganda bureau of statistics (UBOS) estimated the population to be 89,700 in 2011.


Before 1906, Jinja was a fishing village that benefited from being located on long distance trade routes. The origin of the name Jinja comes from the language of the two peoples (Baganda and Basoga) that lives on either sides of the river Nile. In both languages Jinja means a rock.


  • Source of the Nile: Although the actual experience of going here is not that interesting, it may be worth it for the sole reason that you can go home and tell everyone that you visited the Source of the Nile, the longest river in the world. There is a small monument in the area dedicated to Ghandi, some of his ashes were released here.
  • The swaminarayan temple is also a place to visit in Jinja
  • The Jinja market and town with the old structures, Owen falls dam forms a spectacular gateway to Jinja town as you come from Kampala.


Jinja is known as an adventure capital of Uganda. Jinja has a lot to offer its visitors in the way of adventure sports and activities. These include Bujagali falls, here visitors are able to go white water rafting, bungee jumping, jet boating, kayaking, fishing, motorcycling, quad biking, mountain biking, horse riding, sunset Nile boat cruise, golf, camping and birding. Here the choice is yours on which activity you would love to take part and make your inquiry with us.

NOTE Remember your can do a two days trip to Jinja and believe me you will love it.