At the periphery of Entebbe right on the shores of Lake Victoria lays Mabamba swamp. Characterized by small channels of water filled lagoons, this papyrus swamp is home to plenty of Uganda’s bird species like the weaver birds, African jacana, purple swim hens, yellow billed ducks, and palm nut vulture but most importantly the most sought after shoebill stork. Gentle, reserved and colorful are some of it’s characters. The shoebill is a great bird to behold.  Mabamba is also part of the list of wetlands of international importance by Ramsar convention.

  • How to get there

By a ferry crossing from Nakiwogo landing site for an approximately thirty minutes sail to Buwaya landing site. A short drive of fifteen minutes to the periphery of Mabamba swamp to where you will take a canoe piloted by local fisher men into Mabamba swamp.


Taking an hour’s drive from Entebbe all the way to the periphery Mabamba swamp where you will take a canoe for into the swamp.

  • What to expect

. Lots of astonishing and stunning bird species  not missing the shoebill stork

. Fishing villages

. Lush green vegetation and forest cover

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